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GED classes are basic reviews of the five subjects that comprise the GED test. GED online study-sessions provide students with a valuable education.The General Equivalency Diploma is a substitute for a high school diploma. The GED program was initiated and has provided Americans with a second chance to pick up their education where they left off. Because 95% of employers and educators recognize the GED as a suitable alternative for a high school education, finishing your GED can open many doors that were previously closed. Making more money at work, starting a new career, or taking college-level courses are just a few of the benefits of having more education. According to the GED Testing Service, people with their high school diploma make $568,000 more in their lifetimes than those without it.And because it’s a state-funded program, most of the testing services and study courses are free or low cost. Take the time now to invest in yourself and your education because the rewards will be great.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are GED classes?

GED classes are basic reviews of the five subjects that comprise the GED test. They are study-sessions that provide students with valuable strategies for test-taking and problem-solving. An expert instructor leads review exercises for the class, which may be very small or large, depending on the educational facility. Students will participate in the learning exercises, practicing their own critical thinking skills with guidance and support.

Where can I find classes?

The main places to find GED classes are at adult education centers, community and technical colleges, or online. Because the testing service is state-funded, there are many state-approved centers that provide the test and test-preparation services to the public. Community colleges and technical schools also host testing services with affiliated course reviews and test-prep programs.

Can I take GED Classes Online?

It is possible to take GED classes online. Many online programs provide study courses for the GED with practice tests, course reviews, and virtual classrooms. There are also many ways to prepare for the GED online without enrolling in a class. Independent learners can obtain study materials online, such as practice tests, study guides, and course reviews, to gain experience with the test. But you are required to take the official test in person at a state-approved test site. Some illegitimate online programs will make claims about providing diplomas or provide inaccurate study guides. It is important to verify the quality of your online materials and the reputation of your online educator.

What can I expect?

There are five subjects that are covered on the GED test: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. These are all covered with equal concentration. GED classes will provide practice problems and review sessions to enhance your understanding of these subjects.

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What do you learn in a GED program?

A GED program will teach you important concepts and proven test-taking strategies. Test-prep programs are useful for showing you what you don’t know and helping you master the concepts you already know. Being able to efficiently communicate your knowledge and answer test questions under timed pressure can be much easier with the experience of a GED program under your belt.

What is the cost?

Many GED classes are completely free. These types of classes can be found at physical locations at adult education centers and community-outreach centers. State funds are allocated to providing low-income families with essential educational opportunities and employment counseling services for finding fulfilling careers and rewarding jobs. There are also some options that are more expensive, like online study programs. Independent learners may pay small, one-time fees for access to study materials.

What are the requirements?

There are no requirements to enroll in most types of GED classes. For some community-service programs, free tuition can only be obtained by providing details on income and financial status to verify need. At other programs, they may require placement tests to find the appropriate level of instruction for each student. But overall, anyone can enroll.

How long are General Education Diploma classes?

Most classes vary in length, from two weeks to two months. There are intensive study programs that meet regularly, or weekend programs that meet twice a month. It depends on the type of class that you choose and the schedule they offer.

What happens after the completion of GED courses?

At adult education centers, the official GED test is provided upon completion of the test-preparation course. This makes them a full-service educational facility. With other programs, it may be necessary to schedule your own test.

What is the level of difficulty for the GED test?

The test itself is based on the mental capabilities of high school seniors but is differently challenging for everyone. In order to pass the test, test-takers must get approximately 60% of the questions correct. Each of the five subjects has about 50 multiple-choice questions. Some students have the most difficulty with Mathematics and some students have the most difficulty with the essay portion of Writing. Everyone has different strengths, making the level of difficulty vary across all the subjects.