5 Reasons to Get an Associate Degree after a GED

If you’ve decided to complete your GED, you know the value of education. Take it one step further and consider a college degree. If you want better pay and better job opportunities without spending your entire life in school, an associate degree is the way to go. You can get into a college with your GED and make the most out of time you’ve already invested in your high school education.

  1. Better Salary

College graduates make more money than high school graduates. With an associate degree, you will make an average of $5,000 to $6,000 more per year than with just your GED. Some high paying jobs for associate degree holders make as much as $100,000 (air traffic controllers), $70,000 (dental hygienists), or $60,000 (registered nurses).

  1. Career Advancement

Having a college education puts you up for many more promotions than without it. You will be seen to have greater management abilities and an overall improved capacity to add value to your company. Not only will you be able to climb higher, but you will be able to start at a higher rung on the ladder. Most new hires that have college degrees earn much more as a starting salary than do their counterparts without a degree.

  1. Less Debt than a Bachelor Degree

The average tuition for an associate degree is about $2,500 per year. That means you can finish your two-year degree with a price tag of just over $5,000. The prices will vary greatly depending on the institution you choose for your degree and the type of degree you choose to complete. Sometimes healthcare professions require additional fees for lab usage and medical equipment. But overall, the associate degree costs a fraction of the amount of a bachelor degree. With smart budgeting, you can save up enough for a degree.

  1. More Job Options

Associate degrees open doors into new careers for which high school graduates are not eligible. You should specialize in a field that most interests you to make the most out of your degree. Consider the jobs you would like to have before choosing a major and once you graduate, you’ll know exactly where to send your new resume.

  1. Two Year Education

You can complete an associate degree in just two years. With hard work and focus, your education will be done in almost no time at all. The skills you gain in this short period will be immediately profitable for you and carry value for many years to come. If you have the time to invest, your education will repay you in short order

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