GED Classes in Alabama

In the past 10 years, Alabama has provided over 70,000 General Equivalency Diplomas to its residents. The GED program is designed for people that have not completed their high school education but wish to do so. As America’s most widely-recognized substitute for a high school diploma, the GED credential can be your gateway to higher education, better employment opportunities and greater rewards in your career. Unemployment rates in Alabama have been climbing since the summer of 2013. The hardest hit job sectors across the state’s industries are in Mining, Construction and Utility positions,losing 6,000 jobs combined. To avoid these sectors and find a rewarding, sustainable job, you need to get an education. And the GED online is a valuable step in the right direction no matter what career you’re looking for.

If you want to get your degree in one try, take GED classes. Starting in 2014, the GED Testing Service will only be providing computerized testing, making classes an even more useful option. Official test-sites will be based primarily at computer centers within community colleges, adult education centers, technical colleges, and technology schools. Many of these institutions offer free GED classes. The new computerized system brings more convenience and transparency to the testing process for test-takers. The main perks of computerized testing are 24/7 online registration, instant results, and the ability to move through the test at your own speed. If you’re ready to take your GED now, here are the answers to some important questions.

How do I Get my GED in Alabama?

The only way to get an accredited diploma is to take the GED Test at an official testing site in Alabama. There are no online programs that can provide your General Educational Development credential. There are only a few qualifications required to take the official GED test in Alabama:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Not have completed high school
  • Legally reside in Alabama

If you meet all the requirements, you can register at any test site in the state to complete the official GED test and receive your high school credential.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Alabama?

Enrolling in GED Classes is not required to take the test in Alabama but doing so will significantly improve your odds of acing the test. There are no qualifications needed to enroll in classes and in most cases, they are free. For certain educational institutions, it may be necessary to prove your financial need to enroll in free adult education courses.

Where are GED Classes in Alabama?

GED Classes can be found in several different types of educational institutions across Alabama. These are the most common place to find adult education and GED Classes:

  • Adult Education Centers
  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Schools
  • Community Service Programs

In Birmingham, the Housing Authority of Birmingham District (HABD) offers GED classes in a handful of HABD community centers across the city.

In Montgomery, the public library is a great place to take GED study courses. Other options include the Even Start Family Literacy Program and Parents on the Move.

In Mobile, the Bishop State Community College offers classes and the Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast has a GED study program.

In Huntsville, the Edmonton Heights GED Program and the J.F. Drake State Technical College Adult Education Program are the main study programs available.

Check with the National Literacy Directory for more GED study courses in Alabama.

When is the next Official GED Test in Alabama?

Thanks to the new computerized testing system, you can register to take an official GED test anytime. Testing centers are open during regular business hours and some have weekend hours for test-takers with busy schedules. Keep in mind that you will have to show up in person to take your test and that there are no online testing services for the official General Educational Development credential. You should only schedule your test after you have taken the adequate amount of time to prepare. There are five sections of the test and completing them all takes about seven hours. Fortunately, Alabama does not impose a time limit for completing all sections and they can be challenged separately or at once if the testing center will stay open long enough. The next official GED test is available when you’re ready to take it. Find a testing site that fits your schedule.

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