Best Places to take GED Prep Courses

GED prep courses are one of the best ways to improve your score and pass the GED test. There are a number of places where you can enroll in adult education classes and most of them have a range of benefits for your learning. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right GED classes for you. But start with a general idea of what’s out there and you’ll find one that’s convenient and useful for your needs.

Community Colleges

Community colleges are conveniently located in every state in the country. Some of them host GED testing services, making them a great choice for adult education classes and GED prep. One of the advantages of taking a GED prep course at a community college is that you will be familiar with the testing center for the day of your test, giving you more confidence and comfort for an edge on your test scores.

Public Libraries

Public libraries host all types of literacy programs and adult education initiatives. They are located in most local communities, making them easy to get to. Classes are offered for free and are hosted by volunteers or trained professionals. If you’re looking for a nearby class, check with your neighborhood library.

Computer Learning and Technology Centers

In 2014 the GED test became computerized. Testing services are hosted at computer learning centers and technology centers. These companies provide all types of vocational training programs, including GED prep courses. This is another type of adult education center that will help you become more familiar with the test site before you sit down to take your official GED test. One downside is that they may charge for GED classes.

Literacy Foundations

Non-profit organizations focused on promoting adult literacy are a main provider of GED prep courses. They are widely-distributed but may not be convenient in your area. They offer more one-on-one services because of their service focus, so seek out a literacy foundation to determine if you can get specialized instruction suited to your needs.

Church Groups

There are many religious organizations that provide GED courses as a form of public service. Churches, ministries, and other types of charitable organizations provide adult education for those in need at little to no cost. Check with your religious community to find out if there are programs that can help you prepare for the GED test.

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