GED Classes

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Are you searching for ways to take GED classes, pass your test and get started with your career?

Local and Online GED Classes

Both class options are available. Online GED classes are great if are limited for time or do not have access to transportation. All classes cover social studies, math, and science. You need one hundred and forty-five points on each subject to pass the GED test.

Most online programs focus on test preparation and the individual subjects. Most subject study courses are twenty 20 lessons to complete.

The biggest advantage to taking an online GED course is the ability to take your time and really put the time in to study. You are able to spend more time on lessons that seem hard and less time on the ones that come easy.

Advantages with GED Classes Online

  • The length of the online lessons are short ranging from eight minutes to fifteen minutes.
  • Easy to retain information allowing you to take notes and really learn.
  • The videos used in the classes have photos which allow you to visualize the lessons.

Study Tips for the GED Test

  • Use both, videos and reading the course, this helps with information retention.
  • Write down the main points of each lesson.
  • Take short breaks to rest your brain.
  • Study with a friend. Have them ask you question to assure you know the answers.
  • Take an online prep test for accuracy.
  • Don’t rush it, there is no time limit.
  • Eat good food. Fruit, carbs, and caffeine are smart foods.

So what are you waiting for? Take an online GED course or go to our state links for local information concerning classes and test locations. We have information for every state in the united states to help you get there.

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