GED Classes in Hawaii

Getting your General Equivalency Diploma in Hawaii is one of the best ways to start making more money, switch careers, or take college-level courses. Without a high school education, it can be difficult to compete for advanced positions or technical jobs. Over 2013, Hawaii’s economy added over 1,200 jobs to the Healthcare, Education, and Information industries. These fields have higher wages for entry-level work, but require a high school or college education to obtain. If you didn’t finish high school, the GED program can help you get back on track to rewarding employment. Since 2002, over 13,000 GEDs have been completed in Hawaii. Combined with state-funded study programs, free GED classes, and test-preparation services, the GED program can help you open doors that were previously closed to you.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I Get my GED in Hawaii?

To get your GED in Hawaii, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not have completed high school
  • Complete a 60-hour GED study course 

If you meet the requirements, you can register online with the GED Testing Service at any time to take the test. All official GED tests must be completed in person at a state-approved testing center. There are five subjects on the test and each must be passed in order to complete your degree. Test sites are open on weekdays and some weekends. There is no time limit to finishing all of the test, so test-takers can challenge one section at a time or all five at once.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Hawaii?

There are no prerequisites for signing up in a GED class in Hawaii. Because the state requires every test-taker to first complete an adult education class before challenging the test, state-approved test centers will be able to provide GED test prep and study courses. These courses are funded by the state government and are offered for little or no cost. Classes will be especially useful starting in 2014 because of the switch to computerized testing as the only test format. Getting practice with the test computers and digital format will go a long way to improving your score.

Where are GED Classes in Hawaii?

GED Classes can be found in most places where the test is offered, including:

  • Community Colleges
  • Adult Education Centers
  • Public Schools 

In Honolulu, the main place to find GED classes and study programs is at the McKinley Community School for Adults. There are also options with the Hawaii Department of Education and the Moanalua campus of the University of Hawaii.

In Hilo, the main place to find GED testing services and study programs is at the Hilo campus of the University of Hawaii.

In Kailua, there is one main educational institution that offers test-preparation services and testing for the GED. The Waipahu Community School for Adults offers computerized testing at the Windward campus of the University of Hawaii. 

For more information on classes and study programs, visit the National Literacy Directory or the GED Testing Service’s official site.

When is the next GED Test in Hawaii?

With the new computer-based testing format, you can register to take your GED test 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Testing centers are open on weekdays and some offer extended hours or weekend test dates. You can take the each section of the test whenever you feel prepared, or all at once if you’re confident. There is nothing stopping you from getting ahead in your education and finding a new career path.

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