How long does it take to Complete a GED?

The General Equivalency Diploma is the most popular alternative to a traditional high school diploma. Millions of people in America and Canada choose the GED in order to advance their education and their career. As one of the main obstacles to finding a decent job, education is always worth the time spent now for future gain. And once you see how quickly you can get your GED, you’ll have even fewer reasons to wait.

Basic Requirements to Pass

The GED has four basic sections that must all be passed for complete credit. These four sections can be summarized as Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  Each section can be challenged individually or all at once, depending on the choice of the test-taker. Some states require that test-takers first complete a basic adult education course and pass a practice test before they can challenge the official GED test. This is considered a traditional route and has many advantages, though it may take longer.

Traditional Route

The traditional route to complete a GED is to enroll in an adult education course. These courses provide guided learning through each section of the test. They provide additional study materials like practice tests, flash cards, textbooks, and other aids. The average adult education course takes 4-10 weeks to complete. There is a great amount of variety, however. Some courses are scheduled as night classes for students with day jobs, while others are scheduled throughout the day as intensive study programs. Those that meet fewer times per week take longer to cover the same material as a program that meets every day for four hours. Assuming that you take the longest study course and all the test sections at once, you can get your GED within three or four months at the soonest.

Self-Guided Learning

For states that don’t require a state-approved adult education course, it is possible to take the GED whenever you feel ready. There are many tools and study materials that can help you to get comfortable with the test material through self-guided learning. Depending on your education level, you may feel more confident in taking the test independently. You can buy test preparation books online for very little and gain mastery of the test material in this way. It is still recommended to take practice tests before the day of the GED to be comfortable with the types of questions and test format. These are also available online for a small charge. By preparing with self-guided learning, you can complete your GED in a month or less time. That being said, there is no rush, so take as much time as you need to pass on your first try.

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