GED Classes: Find GED Programs in Kentucky

If don’t want to join the 8.5% of Kentuckians that are unemployed, it’s a great idea to complete your high school credential with a General Equivalency Diploma. The GED program has been around for over 70 years and in Kentucky alone, over 430,000 people have completed their GEDs. The GED can open doors that were previously closed to you in your career, your education and your personal life. According to the GED Testing Service, people with their high school credential make up to $568,000 more in a lifetime than people that never graduated. Since the beginning of 2013, Kentucky has added about 3,000 jobs to some key fields of the economy: Healthcare, Education, and Financial Services. These thousands of new jobs are available for entry-level workers, but all of them require a minimum level of education. If you want to find a rewarding and fulfilling career in Kentucky but you’re nervous about going back to school, it is time to consider getting ahead with GED classes.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get my GED in Kentucky?

Only people that meet the following qualifications can get their GEDs in Kentucky:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Not have completed high school
  • Complete your Test Readiness Certification
  • Pass the official GED practice test
  • Legally reside in Kentucky 

Kentucky requires that all test-takers complete adult education classes, Test Readiness Certification, and pass an official practice test before taking the GED test. These requirements can be completed at a Kentucky Adult Education program or with the KET GED Connection program. There are five sections on the test and all of them must be passed for your General Equivalency Diploma.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Kentucky?

To take a GED Class in Kentucky, you must be able to prove your state residency. Besides that, adult education programs accept all applicants and offer tuition at reduced prices for those that can verify their financial need. GED classes are required in Kentucky, so all test-takers must enroll in one to challenge the official test.

Where are GED Classes in Kentucky?

Study programs and test-preparation classes are available at community colleges, adult education centers, community outreach programs and other literacy centers throughout Kentucky.

In Louisville – There are several options for GED classes in Louisville. The best places to get instruction on the test are the Jefferson County Public Schools Adult Education program, the Americana Family Education Program, and the Ahrens Education Resource Center.

In Lexington – The best places to take study programs in Lexington are adult education centers and state colleges. The University of Kentucky has two programs in Lexington: the Employee Learning Services and the Family Literacy Program. Other options include the Fayette County Adult Education center and Operation: College Bound.

In Bowling Green – The main options for test-prep programs in Bowling Green are the Bowling Green Even Start program, the Kentucky Community and Technical College adult education program at the Warren County campus.

For more listings on specific programs throughout Kentucky, visit the online resource at the National Literacy Foundation’s website.

When is the next official GED Test in Kentucky?

You can take your GED test whenever you feel ready. With the new computerized testing format, it is possible to register online for your test 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, you must still show up in person to take your test at a state-approved testing center. The five subjects can be challenged separately or all at once, whichever is more comfortable for you. Take the time to fully prepare; the sooner you pass the test, the sooner you can start receiving the rewards of a high school education and beyond.



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