GED Classes in Massachusetts

Since the start of the General Equivalency Diploma program in 1942, Massachusetts has granted over 350,000 GEDs to state residents. As the most widely-accepted alternative to a high school credential, the GED has helped millions of Americans get access to the benefits of higher education. With your high school diploma, it is possible to make more money at work, enroll in vocational training programs for a new career, or even sign up for college-level classes to gain a degree. In 2013, Massachusetts added a lot of new jobs to their economy, but all of the new positions require some kind of education to obtain. For example, the Healthcare job sector added over 10,000 jobs! These positions were mostly entry-level jobs like nursing assistants and medical assistants, but to be a competitive applicant, you must at least have your high school diploma and some vocational certification. Another booming job field for Massachusetts in 2013 was Information Technology. There were over 6,000 jobs added to the Information sector. If you want to find a great-paying job in a reliable career, you need to spend some time advancing your education. For anxious students, there are dozens of GED classes that can help you get the preparation and guidance you need to ace the test.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get my GED in Massachusetts?

You must meet the following requirements to obtain your GED in Massachusetts:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not have completed high school
  • Legally reside in Massachusetts 

To complete your GED, you must pass all five subjects of the official GED test. The test can only be taken in person at a state-approved testing center; there are no online tests. You can challenge each section separately or all at once and there is no time limit to finishing all the subjects. Taking a study course or GED test-prep class is a great way to gain more confidence and become more comfortable with the new computerized test format of 2014.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Massachusetts? 

There are no requirements for taking a GED class. In some states, they are required for all test-takers. But in Massachusetts, you can enroll in an adult education class or GED study course for free at any time. Depending on the educational institution, it may be necessary to verify your financial status to receive free tuition or take a placement test to determine your class level for studying.

Where are GED Classes in Massachusetts?

GED classes can be found at the following types of places:

  • Adult Education Centers
  • Community Colleges
  • Public Service Programs 

In Boston, the main places to find GED classes are community service programs. The most popular programs include the East Boston Harborside School, the Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts, the Adult Education Program at St. Mary’s Center, United South End Settlements, and the YMCA International Learning Center.

In Worcester, there are several types of adult education classes available. The most accessible is the Quinsigamond Community College. Other options include the Training Resources of America – Worcester Learning Center, the Worcester Adult Learning Center, and the Worcester Housing Authority.

In Springfield, there is one main option for GED study programs. The Massachusetts Career Development Institute offers extensive adult education courses for Springfield residents. 

To find a GED class in your vicinity, check out the online resource at the National Literacy Directory.

When is the next official GED Test in Massachusetts?

With the new computerized test format becoming the main option for testing in 2014, you can register online to take your official GED test at any time. Testing centers are approved by the state and operated regular business hours on weekdays. Some places will offer weekend or evening testing hours to accommodate the busiest test-takers. You can sign up to take the test whenever you feel ready to pass it. Take your time and study until you feel confident. As the first step to the rest of your career, take the time you need to do your best on the test.

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