Without a high school education or General Equivalency Diploma, it can be tough to compete for the new jobs that were created in Mississippi over the course of 2013. The GED program has been extremely successful in Mississippi, with more than 70,000 GEDs completed since 2002. Over 97% of employers and educators recognize the General Equivalency Diploma as a satisfactory replacement for traditional diploma. The newest jobs being created in the state are in particular sectors of the economy and most of these job fields require some minimum level of education. For example, the Business Services sector added 2,000 jobs and the Healthcare and Education sector added over 1,000 jobs in 2013. These fields have many types of entry-level positions available, but beating out the competition can be tough without the proper credentials. There are dozens of study programs and classes available for free or low cost throughout Mississippi that can help you prepare for the GED and complete your diploma. According to the GED program’s statistics, people with their high school credential will make up to $568,000 more in their lifetimes than those without. Why wait to start making more?

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get my GED in Mississippi?

You must meet the following requirements to complete your GED in Mississippi:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not have completed high school 

Once you meet these qualifications, you can register to challenge the official GED test at any time. There are five subjects covered on the test, and candidates may challenge them all at once or separately. There is no time limit to finishing all the sections unless you have started your testing process before 2014. After passing each of the sections, your General Equivalency Diploma has been completed.

What is Required to Take a GED Program in Mississippi?

Fortunately, there are very few qualifications required to take a GED class in Mississippi. There are many programs throughout the state that provide adult education and test-preparation services for those applicants that have been out of school for a while or are uncomfortable preparing for the test alone. These classes are one of the best way to complete your diploma in one try and begin the next phase of your career faster.

Where are GED Classes in Mississippi?

GED classes can be found at the following types of institutions:

  • Adult Education Centers
  • State Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Community Service Programs 

In Jackson –

There are several different types of adult education classes available in Jackson. The most popular options are at the Hinds County Human Resource Agency, Hope Building Blocks, the Jackson State University Learning Center, the Sparkling Family Future program, and Focus on Natural Health Education and Community Development Inc.

In Gulfport –

The main options for GED classes in Gulfport include the Goodwill Adult Education Initiative, the International Relief and Development program with YouthBuild, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

In Hattiesburg

There are only two options for GED classes near Hattiesburg. The Pearl River Community College is one choice, but many test-takers prefer to take adult education classes with the Hattiesburg Schools public education program.

For more details on specific locations of GED classes in Mississippi, visit the National Literacy Directory online.

When is the next official GED Test in Mississippi?

With the new computer format of the GED test in 2014, you can register online at any time to take your test. All official tests must be completed in person. Testing centers are approved by the state and only accredited test sites can offer the official test. These centers are open on weekdays and some weekends with regular business hours. There is no time limit to finishing the entire test, so take the appropriate time to prepare yourself. Passing the test on your first try can be the confidence booster you need to start a new rewarding career in a professional field of your choice.


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