GED Classes in New York

The General Equivalency Diploma has been helping people in New York find better jobs and get access to college-level educations for over 70 years. Since 2002, almost 280,000 people have completed their GEDs in New York. 97% of employers and educators recognize the GED as the best alternative for a traditional high school diploma, and getting your high school education can get you a job that brings in $7,000 more per year than a job you got without any diploma. There are thousands of new jobs being created every month in New York, and you need an education to get access to them. In 2013, New York added over 50,000 jobs to the Healthcare and Education job sector alone! Most of these positions were entry-level jobs that are all within reach after you finish a General Equivalency Diploma and some vocational training programs. If you want to make the testing process more efficient and less stressful, the smart decision is to enroll in GED classes or adult education programs.

How do I Get my GED in New York?

You must meet the following requirements to complete a GED in New York:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Not have completed high school
  • If you are enrolled in a GED class, you must pass a Practice GED Test
  • Legally reside in New York for at least 30 days 

The GED test is divided into five sections, one for each subject. You must pass all five sections to complete your General Equivalency Diploma. GED classes are not required, but since 2014, the GED Testing Service is providing most official tests in the computer format. With the new computer format, it may be necessary to practice your typing skills and get comfortable with the technology you need to complete the test. If enrolled in a GED class, you will have to pass the practice test before the official test, but both should be provided by your adult education center or study program. There is no time limit to completing the entire test and candidates may choose to take one subject at a time or the entire battery at once. You must visit the testing center in person to complete your test.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in New York?

There are no prerequisites needed to enroll in a GED class in New York beyond state residency. For some programs, it may be necessary to prove your financial need to receive free tuition. Once you are enrolled in an adult education program, you are required to pass a practice test before challenging the real test. This can be extremely beneficial to your test score and statistics show that having to pass a practice test greatly improves your odds of success on the official test.

Where are GED Classes in New York?

GED Classes in New York can be found at the following types of institutions:

  • Adult Education Centers
  • Non-profit Organizations / Community Service Programs
  • Community Colleges / Technical Schools 

In New York City, there are dozens of options for GED classes. A few of the most popular programs can be found at the City College of New York, the Chinatown Manpower Project, the Borough of Manhattan Community College, the Harlem Center for Education, the Union Settlement Association, and the Consortium for Worker Education. In the Bronx, the most popular option is the Bronx Adult Learning Center. In Queens, most GED candidates choose the Queens Adult Learning Center.

In Buffalo, the options for study programs are diverse. Some of the top programs include the Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Development program, Catholic Charities GED and Job Readiness Program, the Everywoman Opportunity Center, the LIeracy New York Buffalo-Niagara program, and the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York.

In Rochester, there are several options at public school programs. These include the Rochester Central School District Family Learning Center, the East Irondequoit Central School District, and the Gates Chili Central School District. Programs outside of the school system include the Depot Plaza Adult Literacy program, the East House Corporation’s Paul Wolk Learning Center, and the Rochester Literacy Movement.

For more listings and specific details on programs in New York, visit the National Literacy Directory online.

When is the next official GED Test in New York?

With the new computerized test format, you can register online to take your GED test at any time. However, you must show up in person to complete the official test. Only state-approved test sites can offer the official GED test. These test sites are open on weekdays with regular business hours, and many of them will be able to provide weekend testing or evening hours for test-takers with busy schedules. Visit the GED Testing Service’s website to find an approved test-site near you. Take the time you need to prepare and make the most out of your efforts, you can pass in one try! Your future career is waiting.



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