GED Classes in Utah

There are thousands of new jobs being created in Utah, but without a high school education or General Equivalency Diploma, they will be out of reach to you. The GED program has been helping students reinvest in their educations for over 70 years and there have been over 50,000 GEDs completed in Utah since 2002. It is the most widely recognized alternative to a high school diploma and according to the GED Testing Service, 97% of educators and employers accept it as a satisfactory replacement. If you want to start making more money or switch to a better career, you need to develop your job skills and educational background. High school graduates and holders of a GED make an average of $7,000 more per year than people without their diplomas. With free study courses and test-preparation classes, there is no reason to put off your education. The GED program makes it easy to start getting ahead in your career.

How do I Get my GED in Utah?

To get your GED in Utah, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not have completed high school 

These are the only requirements needed to register for the official GED test. The test can only be challenged at state-approved test sites and all candidates must show up in person to complete it. There are five subjects: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Math. Each subject can be challenged separately or at once. Taken all five at once requires at least seven hours. Once you have passed all subjects, your General Equivalency Diploma is complete and you can use it to apply to colleges, new jobs, and vocational training.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Utah?

There are no requirements for enrolling in a GED class in Utah. These classes are funded by the state and provide free training and support for the test. In some areas, it may be necessary to prove your financial need in order to obtain free assistance. Generally speaking, GED classes are open to anyone that is in need of guidance with the testing process. Though it is not required, classes are highly recommended to get comfortable with the testing process and new equipment needed for the 2014 computerized test format.

Where are GED Classes in Utah?

GED Classes can be found at the following types of places:

  • Public Schools
  • Adult Education Centers
  • Community Colleges
  • Charitable Organizations / Community Outreach 

In Salt Lake City

There are many different GED classes available in Salt Lake City. The main options are the Salt Lake Adult Education at the Horizonte Instruction Center, Granite Adult Education at Granite Peaks Lifelong Learning, and the Literacy Action Center. Other options include the Gaudalupe Schools, the English Skills Learning Center, and the Even Start Family Literacy Program.

In Provo

GED study programs in Provo, Utah are very few. The main options are Project Read, Centro Hispano, and the Provo Adult Education program.

In Ogden

Ogden has a lot of options for test-takers to prepare. The Weber Adult Education program at Two Rivers High School, Ogden Adult Education, and the Weber County Library’s Adult Literacy program are three of the most popular options. The Weber University also offers study programs.

For more listings on specific study programs in your region, visit the National Literacy Directory online to discover your options.

When is the next official GED Test in Utah?

Official tests for the GED are scheduled on a daily basis. Testing centers are open on weekdays with regular business hours. There may be some test sites that offer weekend testing or evening hours to accommodate the busiest students. Take the time you need to prepare at your own pace; there is no time limit to finishing every section of the test. Candidates may choose to take each subject separately until they have passed them all. Consider adult education classes before signing up for your test date. These study courses can provide practice exams and valuable experience with the testing computers needed to complete the official GED test.




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