GED Classes in Vermont

Vermont is a great place to invest in your education to get ahead. The General Equivalency Diploma is designed to give students a second chance at completing their high school education. Recognized by 97% of employers and educators, the GED is the leading alternative for a high school credential. To make a better salary, find a new career, or improve your standing for a promotion at work, investing in your education is the best way to develop your personal and professional skills. The GED program is one of the most affordable and accessible options for anyone. State funding is provided to help students connect with educator resources and adult education classes. With the computerized test format becoming the only option for test-takers in 2014, taking classes to get experience with the test and the testing equipment has never been a smarter move.

How do I Get my GED in Vermont?

You must meet the following requirements to get your GED in Vermont:

• Be at least 18 years old
• Not have completed high school
• Legally reside in Vermont

By meeting these qualifications, you are eligible to sign up for the GED test. The official test is provided at state-approved testing centers and candidates must show up in person to challenge the test. Registration can be completed online. There are five subjects on the official GED test and once you have passed each one, your General Equivalency Diploma is completed.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Vermont?

GED classes are available to the public because they are one of the most important resources for test-takers. There are very few requirements needed to enroll in a GED class. For some community-support services, it is necessary to demonstrate your financial need in order to qualify for free services. But in general, adult education and other test-prep programs are available to anyone for free.

Where are GED Classes in Vermont?

GED classes can be found at public schools, adult education centers, and some community colleges in Vermont. Here are some specific listings to consider.

In Burlington

The main options for GED classes in Burlington are the Vermont Adult Learning program, the Even Start for the New American Community program, and the GED test prep program at the Burlington High School.

In Rutland

The only options for test-preparation and study programs in Rutland are at adult learning centers. There are two offices of the Vermont Adult Learning program that operate in Rutland.

In Montpelier

Montpelier also has a few options for GED study courses. The Central Vermont Adult Basic Education center and the Vermont Agency of Education both host adult education classes for residents in Montpelier.

For more listings on specific courses in your area, visit the online directory at the National Literacy Directory. They list study programs and state-approved testing centers.

When is the next official GED Test in Vermont?

The next GED test in Vermont is ready when you are. Testing centers are open on weekdays and some weekends with regular business hours. There will be some options for evening hours for those candidates that have full schedules, but hours vary between individual test sites. It is highly recommended to sign up for a study program before challenging the test. Candidates are allowed to take each subject separately or to finish the entire test in one sitting. Take the time you need to plan and prepare to improve your odds of future success.

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