GED Classes in Wisconsin

To find better jobs and more career options in Wisconsin, it is important to have your high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma. The GED program is a great alternative for students that never finished their diploma because it provides free test-preparation classes and is available to anyone. In the last 10 years, there have been over 75,000 GEDs completed in Wisconsin, proving that thousands of people value the alternative diploma program. According to the GED Testing Service, 97% of employers and educators recognize the GED as a completely adequate replacement for a traditional high school credential. Even if you are nervous about your test-taking skills, free GED classes can help you brush up on important skills and get experience with the computerized test format that is required for all test-takers now.

How do I Get my GED in Wisconsin?

You must meet the following requirements to get your GED in Wisconsin:

• Be at least 18.5 years old
• Not have completed high school
• Legally reside in Wisconsin for at least 10 days

These are the only requirements necessary for challenging the official test. Only state-approved testing centers can provide the official exam and you must show up in person to complete it. There are five subjects: Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science. These subjects can be challenged one at a time or all at once, but you must pass all of them in order to complete a General Equivalency Diploma.

What is Required to Take a GED Class in Wisconsin?

There are no mandatory requirements for taking a GED class in Wisconsin and anyone is free to enroll in a study course. There are numerous options for adult education in the state and these programs offer free tuition for students with financial need, but most are low-cost or free of charge anyway. These classes can help you get experience with important concepts and test-taking strategies, like using the on-screen calculator for the computerized test format.

Where are GED Classes in Wisconsin?

GED classes can be found at the following types of places in Wisconsin:

• Community and Technical Colleges
• Adult Education Centers
• Community Service Initiatives

In Milwaukee

There are several different options for GED study programs in Milwaukee. The most popular are the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, the Milwaukee Area Technical College, Learn More Inc., Milwaukee Public Library Adult Tutoring, and the Center for Urban Community Development. There are many more options as well.

In Green Bay

The main places that provide test-preparation classes in Green Bay are the Literacy Green Bay program, the Oneida Nation Even Start program, and the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

In Madison

The most accessible options for GED test-prep in Madison are the Literacy Network, the Latino Academy of Workforce Development, Madison College, and Dane County Parent Council.

For more listings and programs in your area, visit the National Literacy Directory online.

When is the next official GED Test in Wisconsin?

The GED test is offered at testing centers every day. Candidates can register online at any time to schedule the day of their test. You must show up in person to complete your test. Testing centers are open on weekdays with regular business hours, but there are some options for evening or weekend testing hours at test centers. There are so many ways to support with the testing process, so take advantage of the resources provided. Take a class and make the most out of your efforts to get ahead by passing the test on the first try. The next step of your career is waiting.

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